Friday, December 6, 2013

A Rough (And Chilly!) Life

Today was the first day of my week that I was actually doing (important) things. Tuesday was spent watching BCU national volleyball play and Wednesday was devoted to CLEANING the room. Student teaching combined with the xc, vb, and singing schedules of my roommates left our dorm room looking very sad (and dusty) indeed. It's all cleaned and even somewhat organized now. YAY!

Let me tell you. It's a rough life without student teaching… NOT :)

Anyway, today I got up and went to volunteer at the Christmas Party for People with Disabilities on campus. There were three groups and one large room full of guests for the luncheon party. Now people hear me out. I am definitely a people person. I love kids and people and social gatherings but I am (regrettably and honestly) quite uncomfortable socializing with people with disabilities. Here's my problem. I know that these people all need to be treated equally, but they also do need special attention and certain treatment. It's just hard for me (with little experience) to find that line. I don't want to treat anyone above or below what they can handle. It's a concern of mine when it comes to future students too. I'm attempting to be proactive about this known weakness by embracing it. My J-term class will be "Living and Working with Autism". I'm hoping to expose myself to (and hopefully become more comfortable with) interactions with such people so I can skillfully deal with any future situation I'm in.
Here's some photo evidence :)

It was a fun time. I was all about the caroling/sing-a-long. Too bad I had to leave before Santa visited! :) 

After helping with the party, I headed straight to the NAIA vb tournament! I was very excited to watch my team in (what for my classmates) was their very last game. So strange to think that it should have been mine too. I love those darn girls. I'm incredibly proud of each and every one of them and beyond blessed to have them as friends. I'm also pumped that they went out on BCU's first ever win in the national tournament. What a season, what a team. 

I also sat by some fellow college friends/super fans/masterminds. Never underestimate the power of a large whiteboard. Our own personal (and appropriate, we promise!) commentary made the game even more fun. 

After the game I headed back to school and then to track practice. Today was one of our track workout days. Each workout day is hard, but I am proud to say that I have been running very well.  I'm hitting my times, the coaches are impressed, and I'm feeling great. This is what I've been working so very hard (all summer and all pre-season) for. Only 5 weeks until our first meet. I'm JACKED. 

Finally, I wrapped up my evening in a neighboring town visiting one of my semi-domesticated teacher lady friends. We made chicken fajitas and rice, caught up on each other's lives, reminisced on our fun summer memories, talked about things to come, made puppy chow, watched dumb tv shows and had a fabulous time. Life is good. 

Also (surprisingly), I'm beginning to get in the Christmas mood. There are some times that are acceptable for Christmas music. But being three weeks out still, there's about a 70% chance that I will still change the station if Christmas music comes on. Ha :) As a special treat, here's the links to a few of my faves!

One of my favorite versions of a classic :) 
And another Glee version… Sorry, but I'm convinced that all Christmas music should be sung a cappella. It's so beautiful, so pure.
12 Days

Enjoy and keep warm! Until next time…
Peace, love, and arctic temperatures,

ps- BRR.

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  1. You looked very comfortable socializing with BCU's special guests. I get a little weepy thinking of you and several others graduating in May! You will be missed. Never forgotten but missed.