Friday, October 3, 2014

Organized Chaos

I'm pretty sure I've said it before... but elementary school is basically organized chaos. At all times, the potential for choas, both organized and unorganized, is through the roof. Take my afternoon today for example....

First we had a birthday celebration complete with mom, grandma, little brother and sister, and a chocolate on chocolate cupcake cake. Then a math lesson, followed by small group reteaching. Then I took my kids to music. I spent 30 minutes running around attempting to get organized, make copies, correct papers, and write lesson plans, etc... the main word being attempting. Then I picked up my kids, addressed an inappropriate touch complaint, finished a math lesson, kept naughty kids for 5 minutes of recess, and went down to the principal's office. I sent a kid with a bloody lip to the nurse, gave the students a bathroom break, gave a grammar test, sent a student with a tummy ache to the bathroom, soothed a student who bumped his leg and started bawling, and read half of the grammar test words to one student. I had the principal in my room, gave out coloring contest sheets, put in a science video, and organized my spelling words for next week. Finally I collected our coloring sheets, handed out fit kid prizes, announced our class victory in the coin challenge contest, packed the kids up and sent them home.

Serious madness.

But I did get two awesome things... news that my classroom raised $158.96 in our coin challenge! Our class collected the most in the whole school.. and earned me an extra $25. So that's quite a chunck of change to spend on new books for our classroom :) Also on a free choice writing day, here's what one of my little girls wrote...
"The most thing I Love Miss Specht. And Miss Specht is the bes theatcher in the world and your Awsome. And you allwas look pretty every day and I Love our dresses and scurts."
"ps- Miss Specht is Awesome."

Until next time...
Peace, love, and exhaustion,

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Good Day

Hello blog world! I've missed you :) I thought today was the PERFECT day to write, because today was a darn near perfect day in 2nd grade. Not that perfection amidst twenty-five 7 and 8 year olds is a thing.... but behaviorwise today was pretty darn good.

I guess I don't have much to say other than thank goodness. This year is going to be a whirlwind and days like today keep me sane.

Plus, I thought you'd like to know which celebrities my 2nd graders would like to meet!

  • Mary Pope Osborn (Author of the Magic Tree House Series)
  • Mia Hamm (Star of our reading selection this week!)
  • Selena Gomez
  • Peyton Manning
  • Katy Perry
  • Yankton band (I'm not sure.. I can only imagine that he was giving a shoutout to good old YHS!)
  • The characters from Frozen- but not Hans because he's the mean guy. (She really wrote that.)
  • Britney Spears
  • Mikko Koivu
  • Drew Brees
  • Lady Gaga
  • President (because he is kind to others. Or so she wrote :))
  • Russell Wilson (GO HAWKS)
  • Mozart
  • The Simpsons
  • Miley Cyrus
Tomorrow it's back to square one with learning. We are currently working on identifying nouns, making predictions, spelling words with -ie and -igh patterns, becoming fluent readers, finding place value, and studying plant life cycles. So if you've got any kick butt ideas to enhance my lessons, hit me up! 

Before I wrap this school portion up, I need to give a couple shoutouts. 
  1. To my coworkers. For putting up with my first year self, for throwing every available resource my way, for always asking how my days are going, for constantly encouraging me, and most of all for being my friends. Love you guys :)
  2. To Fiance. I love you. Sorry for all the sad, stressed out tears, but thank you for giving me a reason to cry happy ones. 
  3. To my family. Baby Dingus, La Reg, Momma, and Daddy. You already know :) 
Okay enough about school. Let's talk life. Big girl life outside of work is really pretty fun. Although I don't do much... Fiance and I are joining a gym, so I am really excited to start working out again. It's been hard for me to transition into a school schedule. Teaching is exhausting, but I've got to find some time and energy to start running and lifting again. Working out just makes me happy and happy is more of what we all need. Stay tuned for (hopefully) updates and progress on that one. 

One thing that should be motivating (not that it really is yet haha) is the approaching wedding date! Okay, it's still 9.5 months off but it's coming! Mom and I have gone wedding dress shopping once, and only for an hour, but it was so fun! We didn't find THE dress, but we did find a style of dress that I really like. Don't expect to see a wedding dress picture posted, but if you're curious just ask! And if you see me anytime soon, encourage me to actually start wedding planning. I feel like July 18th is going to sneak up much faster than I expect! 

Other things that are going on.... Nothing too terribly exciting. I'm just busy teaching, planning, getting ready for conferences next week (EEK!), taking graduate classes (not really by choice), oh and I GET TO SEE SOME OF MY VERY BEST FRIENDS THIS WEEKEND!!!! 

This weekend is BCU's homecoming! It's crazy to think that I was living that homecoming court dream just a year ago... Anyway a few ex-college besties, and I have hotel rooms for Saturday night. The downside is that I will be sitting in one of my graduate classes from 8 am to 4:30 pm, but the upside is that afterwards, I will scoot my booty down to reunite with my girls. I didn't realize until earlier today just how much I miss them! It's been a 5 month hiatus from girls that I used to spend 20/24 with every day. Needless to say, I'm ready for a reunion :) 

Well that's about it for now. Off to bed for me! Until next time... 

Peace, love, and literally piles of laundry,

Thursday, September 25, 2014

"Like an Old Beach Rollercoaster"

Click on the picture for a nice treat :) I know this song isn't related to much... except for the fact that there are many ups and downs in teaching. Plus I love Luke Bryan. Criiiipes.

I'm so sorry that I've been skipping out on the blog. It's been a rough/busy/crazy past couple of weeks. And I've been sick all this week. To be totally honest... it's hard. I love teaching some days and hate teaching on others. Mostly what I hate is working allllllllll theeeee tiiiiiiimmeeeee. 10+ hours a day is too much. I feel like the work is never ending, which I suppose I should get used to in the first year. But I hate feeling exhausted and drained all the time. I hate working, coming home, getting ready for more work, talking about work, going to sleep, dreaming about work, and going back to work. So send me some prayers, oh faithful blog readers. I need them to break out of my funk.

Now that school and life are in full swing, there's not much to report on. Except for maybe my favoritest things... The kid's journals. One of our recent prompts was "write what you would do if there was a dragon under your bed." Take a peek...

"I would name the dragon. Then I would ride it. Then it will be my pet dragon. I would fly it abuve the cloudes. I would name it jaws. I would ride it with my dad to. I would ride it to school it will be fun. It would breeth fire on stiks so I can make a fire so I cane make smores." (He's really thought this one out!)

"I would have it under my cumd! I would get on it and fly it to shcool" (cumd=command. Someone watches too many video games.)

"I would look under my bed And I ask if he will be my pet. We would play games toether." 

"If there was a dragon under my bed I would find a sord and a sheLd. And I would fite it too." (too many video games... ;)) 

"I would be scared and I would run away. I would get eaten and I would be sad." (I think I would feel sad if I was eaten too ha!)

"If there was a dragon under my bed I would make friends with it. It would also play legos with me." (Obviously legos are dragon's favorite toys.)

"I would blow it up and detroy it in to small bits." (A bit aggressive, but I like it!)

Anyway. It's off to bed for me. Actually it's off to finish my favorite movie... which came out 27 years ago today. My momma used to let me rent it from the library every week. I'm pretty sure it was only my favorite because I loved her pretty dress, but I still can't believe that she let me watch a movie about war, murder, kidnapping, and things of the like. Oh, and true love. That's important too!

Until next time...
Peace, love, and twueee loveee,

Ps- I can't wait until I can say to Fiance, "I'm not a WITCH, I'm your WIFE!" Best line ever!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Day By Day

So if you haven't caught onto my blog drift lately.... the first year is hard. Like I know everyone said it was going to be hard and part of me was listening to them, but part of me was like "yeah it will be 'hard' but I can totally handle it." I was wrong. I have never felt so unprepared... But I promise things are getting better. I'm just trying to take it day by day. Things truly are going better, so that's GREAT! Keep your fingers crossed that they can stay on the upward trend.

Okay now so the MAIN IDEA. That's one of our topics in second grade this week. But hey I really don't want to talk about second grade. I want to talk about wedding stuff. Actually less wedding stuffs (because I cannot handle making another adult decision) and more about engagement stuffs. We finally got to take some pictures! So here they are... at least some. I'm not ready to share them all yet!

 Sorry Mom. It's not what it looks like! :) 

Gosh isn't he just so cute?! A huge shoutout to my almost-momma-in-law for the awesome photos. I can't wait to snap some more (you know this was only round 1!), do some editing, make some great prints and save the dates! 

Big girl life, aka my laundry, calls! Until next time...

Peace, love, and more love <3,

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Little Dinguses

I'm not going to lie, last week was awful. As the first full week of school, we had more behavior issues than I care to think about. I really needed that 3 day weekend and I think that the kids did too. Because we came back today and it was awesome. No kidding, I was like super impressed (for the most part) with my 7 and 8 year old's abilities to follow rules, procedures, and directions. There was productive quiet like I've only dreamed of and times where they could talk, ask questions, and be silly too. Now I'm not holding my breath for another near perfect day tomorrow, but it is SO NICE to know that it actually can happen.

On that note, here are some hilariously funny excerpts from their journals last week (that I was just too busy/mad to type our last week)...

The journal prompt was, "write about what it would be like if you did not have a nose."

"I couldent snort and I would look difrint."

"I cudind bret."

"I will be unhpey if i have a nose i will tak fune."

"You could not see it. You could not wear gassis. You could not smell."

" You could not smell anething. I would miss the smell of pie"

"If i did not have a nose I would get a new nose. And i would mk shr it is prfekt."

"If I didnt have a nose I wouldn't be avle to smell or to talk regler like eneone and it would be sad real sad I would get picked on by my brother and my brother and my other brother and by my friend's and probly evryone else but that wont stop me from geting fiends!" <-- I think we have another Rambler folks!

"I woled screm like AHHHHH! in Pain. And that whold feel weird."

"I cud not smel the smok"

"If I did not noes I could not sniff enevything and that be bad because i could not sniff candy."

"If you diden't have a nose then some parts of your boty wudent exist. and you wudent smell."

"If I did not have a nose. I wood die."

And for the encore... Would you kiss a frog? Tell why or why not.

"if i was a priness and a prince turned into a frog i wuald kiss him  then he wauld turn back in to a prince."

"I would not kiss a frog beacse I can't find frog's And they are small and I do'nt whant to."

"No I would not kiss a frog becuese it wouldn't even in to a prince not even a frog prince. and there slimy and grows and wet probly. and they go on lily pades in ponds, and in lakes and there are grows things in there. so no! cuase there very very grows!"

Here's to another (short) week with my 25 little cherubs. Wish me luck!

Until next time...
Peace, love, and frog lips,

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Worst Day Ever

Today was the first worst day ever. After a rough afternoon of behavior correcting and parent contacts yesterday, I was greeted at school with news of an angry parent phone call. Without going into too much detail, one of my students was too afraid to tell me she had an emergency bathroom situation and her mother was upset. So then I was upset. ALLLLLL day long. Which really sucks. It's hard to be a good teacher when you feel like you can't do anything right.

Deep sigh.

Thank God tomorrow is Friday. And thank GOD for a three day weekend. Miss Specht needs a break. A time out. What have you, I'm ready.

Until later...
Peace, love, and feeling uggghhhha;lse f[aijd;v;g,

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The First Week

It's official! It's been one week! Does that mean I'm a real certified experienced teacher lady? I think it does! So that's kind of cool... :)

It's been a whirlwind of a week setting the second grade rules and routines, laying down the law, starting curriculum, and (of course) beginning of the year testing. Things are going pretty well... despite the fact that I have 25 students all to myself all day long and that I feel as though I'm constantly running around with my head half attached. (Hence why the blog has been so quiet!) While I hear that it's normal, I still feel incredibly stressed out. Sometimes I'm even stressed about things that I don't know about. One easy solution so far has been to let things go 80% over my head. That sounds bad, huh? But the truth is that (for all you new/aspiring teachers out there) a lot of what they tell you (and what I stress about) does NOT and cannot be done asap (which is the way I like to do things). Also, there are just too many things and not enough hours in the day to get them done. At some point, you have to A. ask for help and then B. just stop. Both of those things are easier said than done... but I am trying :) 

Alright, enough of bearing my soul... Let's lighten things up with some things said and heard around the classroom!

Me: "Class?"
Class: "yes?"
Me: "Class, class?"
Class: "Yes, yes?"
So simple and so stinking cute. And effective as an attention getter!

"Miss Specht, she said that I'm not funny and that makes me sad because I like to be funny."

Written in a journal... "My famliy is funy. They are jenerus." 

"In Mr. L's class, he lets us watch videos during snack time" "In first grade, Mr. L has us sanitize before we go to lunch." "Mr. L got a class pet." To which I respond, "Well I'm Miss Specht and this is second grade." 

Finally, one of my students has a parent who teaches 5th grade in the school. His dad, let's call him Mr. C had been asking me about our online reading testing because he wants his son to start reading and working at home. This morning he told me about the conversation that he had with his son about his online reading test. 
Mr C, "So son, how did your reading test go?"
Son/My Student, "Uhh I don't think it went very well."
Mr. C, "why not?"
Son/My Student, "Because I had to guess on a lot of my answers."
Mr. C, "Why did you guess on your answers?"
Son/My Student "Well it was either that or poop my pants!"
(My student had asked to go to the bathroom about 5 minutes in to the test, but it is timed so I couldn't let him leave!)
Mr. C, "Still you shouldn't have just guessed!"
Mrs. C, "Maybe you should have done a little of both!"

That's all for school news so far. How about some personal news?

The date is set! July 18th, 2015 I will officially give my heart, hand, and everything else to my wonderful fiancé :) Some details are planned... but who are we kidding, I haven't had much time for that!

Before I wrap it up for this post, I need to give a few shout outs! 

First, to my fiancĂ©, for all of your help. For coming to my classroom, encouraging me through tough days, doing all of the things that I forget to do and for loving me long time. You da best. 

To my parents, because I am nothing without you two.

To my fellow teachers who are helpful in more ways than I can possibly describe. I look forward to seeking your expertise and sharing your friendship for many years :) 

Finally, to all of you readers and supporters. Thank you for asking me about school and life. Thank you for staying updated and for just being you.

Until next time...
Peace, love, and 2nd grade,