Friday, December 6, 2013

A Rough (And Chilly!) Life

Today was the first day of my week that I was actually doing (important) things. Tuesday was spent watching BCU national volleyball play and Wednesday was devoted to CLEANING the room. Student teaching combined with the xc, vb, and singing schedules of my roommates left our dorm room looking very sad (and dusty) indeed. It's all cleaned and even somewhat organized now. YAY!

Let me tell you. It's a rough life without student teaching… NOT :)

Anyway, today I got up and went to volunteer at the Christmas Party for People with Disabilities on campus. There were three groups and one large room full of guests for the luncheon party. Now people hear me out. I am definitely a people person. I love kids and people and social gatherings but I am (regrettably and honestly) quite uncomfortable socializing with people with disabilities. Here's my problem. I know that these people all need to be treated equally, but they also do need special attention and certain treatment. It's just hard for me (with little experience) to find that line. I don't want to treat anyone above or below what they can handle. It's a concern of mine when it comes to future students too. I'm attempting to be proactive about this known weakness by embracing it. My J-term class will be "Living and Working with Autism". I'm hoping to expose myself to (and hopefully become more comfortable with) interactions with such people so I can skillfully deal with any future situation I'm in.
Here's some photo evidence :)

It was a fun time. I was all about the caroling/sing-a-long. Too bad I had to leave before Santa visited! :) 

After helping with the party, I headed straight to the NAIA vb tournament! I was very excited to watch my team in (what for my classmates) was their very last game. So strange to think that it should have been mine too. I love those darn girls. I'm incredibly proud of each and every one of them and beyond blessed to have them as friends. I'm also pumped that they went out on BCU's first ever win in the national tournament. What a season, what a team. 

I also sat by some fellow college friends/super fans/masterminds. Never underestimate the power of a large whiteboard. Our own personal (and appropriate, we promise!) commentary made the game even more fun. 

After the game I headed back to school and then to track practice. Today was one of our track workout days. Each workout day is hard, but I am proud to say that I have been running very well.  I'm hitting my times, the coaches are impressed, and I'm feeling great. This is what I've been working so very hard (all summer and all pre-season) for. Only 5 weeks until our first meet. I'm JACKED. 

Finally, I wrapped up my evening in a neighboring town visiting one of my semi-domesticated teacher lady friends. We made chicken fajitas and rice, caught up on each other's lives, reminisced on our fun summer memories, talked about things to come, made puppy chow, watched dumb tv shows and had a fabulous time. Life is good. 

Also (surprisingly), I'm beginning to get in the Christmas mood. There are some times that are acceptable for Christmas music. But being three weeks out still, there's about a 70% chance that I will still change the station if Christmas music comes on. Ha :) As a special treat, here's the links to a few of my faves!

One of my favorite versions of a classic :) 
And another Glee version… Sorry, but I'm convinced that all Christmas music should be sung a cappella. It's so beautiful, so pure.
12 Days

Enjoy and keep warm! Until next time…
Peace, love, and arctic temperatures,

ps- BRR.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Summation: A Celebration

Student teaching is over. Let me repeat that. Student teaching is over. Wow. I made it! And I did well! I can't believe how quickly the semester flew by… And that I only have one left. Life, you little sneak. There you go again blowing my mind and making me grow up...

Anyway, the last day of school went well. Like I said before, I was seriously tired (too much late night celebrating on Tuesday) all day, but the kids were great. They are sweethearts who showered me with a celebration of cookies and juice boxes. They also gave me well wishes and cute cards and gifts. They enjoyed their book marks which were coupled with sour gummy worms (book worm, gummy worms… catch my drift?). By far, the best gift of all was from my rockstar teacher. She assembled (with the help of the kids) a photo album complete with class pictures, action shots of me teaching, notes and illustrations from each student. It was so sweet. I think we are all going to miss each other very much…. even though I plan on going in sometime this week. Why, you may ask? To (finally) receive, read, and return letters to our elusive Nevada pen pals. Cripes. I'm glad we are getting all the writing and USPS (and secretary) details worked out before trying to be real pen pals next year! (That means YOU Miss v!)

Now that student teaching is over, I am taking some time to relax. I thoroughly enjoyed the company of each of my (crazy) extended family members over Thanksgiving break :). I LOVE having everyone together… even if we take up a row and a half at the movies or basketball games or wherever we decide to go. I also got to spend time with Boyfriend's family. It was nice to see them all… they even joked that I was "grandfathered in" and thus they were not trying to impress me anymore. I think that's a good thing!

Now it's on to relaxing via hanging out on campus for the next 2 weeks. The only obligation I have is daily track practice. In theory, it sounds amazing… I will let you know how long it takes before I get BORED. Hopefully I can find somewhere to work (and get paid… darn student teaching!).

Speaking of "letting you know"… The time has come to decided what to do with All Things That Glitter. I created this blog for the sole purposes of entertaining and keeping family and friends up to date on the daily life of my student teacher self. However, since I'm no longer a student teacher, I'm a little torn on what to do! I'm not going to have things to write about every day. Let's face it, I'm back to being a boring college student. I can't just pull in adorable 7 year old writing if I'm out of things to say anymore! But I do think that I'm going to keep the blog. I will update it occasionally. So hopefully ya'll will stay tuned for more updates.

Until then… here's some photos of real life: Jayna Lu edition.

 Da boys.

 I meant what I said about taking up entire rows!

 The two newest (and cutest!) little sweethearts. 

 Getting him to hold still for this one was a challenge :) 

 Frozen! Maybe not outside, but definitely in theaters!

Always remember to take silly pictures too. This one is definitely accurate :)

Thanks again (and as always) for reading.

Peace, love, and a questionable blogging future, 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Heard and Seen

Today was kind of madness for things heard and seen around school today. Here’s a glimpse.

In journaling…
“If I were a pilgrim I would watch the gras. And I would have a hat. I would have a cote. I would have a bered. I ould have a fire. I would have a fire for food.”

“If I were a pilgrim I would feed the sheep. I would ride on a ship. I would take care of the other pilgrim’s. I would hut for turkey’s. I would go to bed. I would build a house. I would go to school too.”

From the mouth of my rockstar teacher…
“The natives are getting restless.” (about the kids)
“Looks like we have another casualty.” (she’s so sarcastic and witty!)

From a book one of my students made for me…
We Love God

(pg 1) We love God because God loves us and we love him very much. We love him because he is our gather we can’t see him but he can see us doing whats right or wrong.
(pg2) God is up high and were down below. Some people do bad deeds. Some people do good deeds. Some people do both deeds. Everyday people can be mean or nice or both some times.
(pg 3) God is our father because he created us. We are God’s childern. God sends angles to watch over us every day and night. God made us with love in us.

The End Love

From the back of the classroom…
I also think that some of my kids ate jumping beans for breakfast! They are skip-hopping all over the place this morning… although I asked and they said that they had rice crispies. Same thing?

At recess…
“You’re pretty!”
“Twenty-one! You’re twenty-one!”
“Miss Specht, I love you.” (Followed by a hug and a wink. Those darn kindergarteners will be the death of me I swear!)

Holy wow. Speaking of the death of me, I’m feeling a little like death on my last day. I even had this blog written and just hadn’t posted it (as of last night). Oops! Operation stay awake is a goooo!

Until tomorrow (or today?)
Peace, love and a tired last day,


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It’s Like Christmas!

… But really it’s not. It’s just the end of the semester! I have been planning and plotting and attempting (unsuccessfully) to make gifts for the kids, teachers, and staff at my school. Here’s what I’ve done so far…

For teachers and staff I conjured up this little note and left donuts and keurig coffee packets in the lounge!

Pretty crafty (and YES I actually wrote it! No internet help needed!)

And here was the (2 hour long) process of making bookmarks for my kids. I will be laminating them tomorrow!

The final products! Each one includes a personal note on the back :) (Student teacher of the year? Maybe.)

Still to go is the gift for my cooperating teacher… There will definitely be a heartfelt thank you included. Maybe a flower arrangement? I don’t know!!

Finally, I had my last student teacher meeting today with my rockstar teacher and my professor. After lots of discussion of strengths, weaknesses, and areas of growth, in was unanimously decided that I had earned an A for the semester! Yippee!!! The hard work has paid off! Two more days and then I will have about a month to celebrate and one more semester of real classes. Holy wow.

Time flies when you’re having fun. Speaking of, it’s late o’clock! Goodnight blog world!

Until tomorrow…
Peace, love, and late night crafting,


Friday, November 22, 2013

"You're one of us now."

Today while I was observing another 4th grade classroom, the teacher said to me, "you're one of us now." And it made my whole day. It has finally sunk in. I'm almost done student teaching. I did it! I am am one semester (of non-education classes) away from being a certified teacher. This is real. I am a real teacher lady. That's pretty neat.

Sorry that the blog today is so short and sweet (the shortest and sweetest ever?), but I'm at home for the weekend so I've got lots of things to do! Hopefully I will even be able to visit a few of my oh-so-loyal readers… I think you know who you are. :)

Until Monday…
Peace, love, and only 3 more days,

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Celebration!

Tonight was our Student Teaching Celebration! Held at BCU, all of the student teachers and our cooperating teachers enjoyed a baked potato bar and each other's company as we reminisced on the past semester's experiences. It was really a fun time (surprisingly). I got to show off my electronic portfolio to my cooperating teacher (She was impressed!). You can check it out here . I feel like I've been cheating on this blog (obviously my favorite and more fun, with this blog… so confusing). Anyway, this blog proves I can be an actual teacher lady and can be used someday (soon) in a job interview (maybe)!

I really only have one funny story from today before I head off for a little downtown birthday celebrating with Monica (on a school night!!). Today, I was sitting in the back of my classroom just working on random odds and ends things that need to be done before I leave next week…. at one point I walked out of the room to do something and this is what happened in the middle of a math lesson…

The students look around and one slowly raises their hand…
Student, "Uhmmmm, did Miss Specht leave?"
Another student, "Yeah where did she go!?"
My teacher, "You know, I'm not sure where she went. I don't have a tracker on her or anything but she will be back. Don't worry. She won't leave without saying goodbye!"

They are worried. How cute is that :)

Too bad I actually have to leave them soon.

Until then,
Peace, love, and end of the semester gift planning,

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


“Hey Miss Specht, Wednesday sounds like W-e-n-s-d-a-y but it’s really W-e-d-n-e-s-d-a-y.” Sometimes all you can do is smile at those little stinkers.

This Wednesday though, I have some terrible-horrible-no-good-very-bad news (Alexander anyone?). And that news is that I am no longer in charge of journaling. Which means no more hilarious student journal entries. (Insert wails of mourning and sorrow here. Those journal entries were pure gold.) It also means that I have a lot of free time, which is awesome because I have spent it observing at other levels. Today I went over to the other site and observed a 4th grade during their literacy block. It was actually kind of cool. The kids are a lot more independent and are able to get a lot done. As a result, they got to work independently on some pretty cool and creative projects. (I am NOT a turkey project, worth googling!)

I’m not decided yet what I think about upper elementary or the potential of teaching them. Most of my experience is in 2nd grade and I really do like it, but I think that I would also like older kids. They are much more “with it”. They understand sarcarsm (not that sarcasm is important to me or anything… ). It seems like lower elementary is physically exhausting, while upper elementary (I’m thinking mostly 5th grade) would be more emotionally exhausted. Those kids have a lot going on that they don’t even understand. I’m not sure how committed I am to getting into all of that. Luckily, I’ve got plenty of (kinda) time to think about it before I start applying for jobs. GAH. Time will tell :)

Speaking of time, it’s time for me to go spend some with Boyfriend (who came down to visit tonight. He is encouraging me to ignore him for a while to write the blog. What a sweetie!).

Until tomorrow…
Peace, love, and week night dates,